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Branding is much more than a logo. Brand identity is much more than a logo. A logo is one element of your brand identity, a very important element, but it is still only one element.

So what are the other elements?

Icons, colours, typography, shapes, materials, sounds, illustrations, content, photographs, and graphic styling – these are some of the elements that make up your visual brand language. ┬áThink of all these elements as jigsaw pieces and when they are all brought together they make one image. That image is your overall brand.

When you are working on your brand identity think about all the visual elements you use to communicate to your stakeholders. Think about the visual language you use or don’t use. This visual language needs to be given the same importance and weight as your brand name and logo.

As always I will stress the importance of having a clear brand strategy. Your brand strategy will ensure that you have a visual brand language that truly reflects your brand traits and values. Have fun with your visual language but make sure it is part of your overall branding plan.

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