The Beauty of Brand Advocates

Let’s break this down. Brand advocates are people who love your brand. They go around telling people about it, encouraging people to interact with you and better again, they encourage people to spend with you.

Let’s break it down even further. It is old fashioned word of mouth sitting beautifully in 2016.

As always I like to put a structure on building strong brands. So who are these lovely people – they are made up of your happy customers, your invested team, suppliers, and any partners you work with. Really it is anyone who interacts with your brand positively. And there lies the key.

This is about experiences. Positive experiences. And what is great is that when these positive experiences happen, people naturally tell other people about your brand. But what if we took time to improve those experiences for our clients, our team, for any stakeholder – then maybe even greater things will happen.

What if we went a step further and thanked our brand advocates for talking about us, for spreading the news about our brands?

Remember these people are our extended marketing department and they don’t get a wage! So think about who they are, what experiences they have with your brand and I would highly recommend thanking them.

Live your brand,


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