Why oh why?

I am known to ask questions – a lot of them. But my favourite one is Why.

Why that brand name? Why not that name? Why that logo? Why are you thinking of rebranding? Why not? Why do you have a website? Why that content? Why do you have a Twitter account? Why do not have a LinkedIn business page? Why that office location? Why that person to join your team? Why not the other person to join your team? Why that new product? Why that supplier? Why not the other supplier?

Why? Why? Why?


How to best answer the why is to have absolute clarity on your brand. For example knowing that your brand is all about innovation, simplicity and that it always has an element of fun – this will help you answer the why. Or maybe your brand is all about the environment, the community and it always has care at the centre of every decision.

Ask why as often as you can and I promise it will make you even more brand focused and it will absolutely enable you to make better decisions.

Live your brand,


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